Dynamic spreadsheet in your WordPress

With App-Embed WordPress plugin add a web-calculator created with Appizy to any post of your WordPress website.

You can manage your web-calculator like any other item in the Media library of your WordPress website and embed them in any post type using a shortcode.

How does it work ?

Pre-requests: a WordPress up and running, the HTML file of your webcalculator

Plugin installation

Appizy App-Embed is a free to use WordPress plugin. It can be found on the WordPress plugin section: https://wordpress.org/plugins/appizy-app-embed/

You can manually download it from this page or use the installation interface inside WordPress administration interface.

Adding a webcalculator to your website

Once you have the plugin installed:

Enhancements and known issues

App-Embed plugin is an OpenSource project under GPL-3.0 license. You can see upcoming features, know issues or report a new one on the GitHub page.

You can also fork the repository and propose new features with a Pull Request.