SmartForms endpoint setup

SmartForms allows you to create forms backend and receive notifications in email, Telegram, and Slack. We assume in this article that you already know how to prepare your spreadsheet to send data with Appizy. In case you have any doubt, take a look at this example for a detailed approach.

1. Create a new form

Once logged into your SmartForms account, in the top navigation select “Create new form”

Give your form a title. The Back URL is an optional field. Use it to redirect the user after form submission. Otherwise, SmartForms has a fully customizable response page for your form submissions!

Create a new form in SmartForms

2. Notification setup

SmartForms allows you to receive notifications in email, Telegram, and Slack.

Notification setup in SmartForms

3. Copy the URL endpoint

Copy the form URL you just created.

Form URL in SmartForms.

4. Paste and convert

Go to Appizy, and upload your spreadsheet. You can also start from the Quotation sample.

Use the following settings (and do not forget to convert again after the setup):

Integration > Toolbar > Send data button (requires PRO or PLUS). This will add a Send button below our form. When the end-user clicks on it, the form is submitted and we get the information contained in it.

*Integration > Form endpoint. This is where we paste the URL provided by SmartForms after we created a new form in their interface.

SmartForms URL in Appizy conversion settings.