Form design

Build forms with a tool you already know : spreadsheet software. Once your are ready go to Appizy, load your file and get the code of your web form in a few seconds. The quotation tool bellow is built out of an Excel file then converted with Appizy. Thus, you can include some business logic like: applying discount based on the total amount, color or size.


Contact email

T-shirt size



Unit price

Quantity discount


You can find a detailed article on how to create such form in our documentation.

Collect data

To collect data or send them via email you need an additional component: a form endpoint. This is a public API waiting for form submission. Once it receives one it processes the data contained and can perform further action such as:

  • Emailing you
  • Storing the data in the cloud for further consultation
  • Creaing a workflow automatically (sales, CRM, etc).

Appizy does not provide such service, but it can prepare your web app in order to send data to a form endpoint. This takes 2 additional settings available with PRO and PLUS plans (see conversion settings).

We have tested recommend the following form endpoints services. They offer different kinds of pricing and free tiers. We invite you to explore them to find which one fits you best:

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Your spreadsheet becomes an application!