You know how to use Excel? You might have more power than you think! We explain below how to turn your spreadsheet into a web application, a native application or a progressive web app (PWA): all that using Appizy.

Web application

A web application runs in a browser and is written in HTML, Javascript and CSS. This is, in our view, the easiest app to develop for beginners. There are a lot of good resources on the internet to create one. However, you might not have the time or will to learn to code yourself.

Appizy is developed to create a bridge between the spreadsheet world and the internet. Simply upload your Excel file into the converter and you will get the HTML, JS and CSS written for you in a few seconds. Quite convenient!

Afterward you download the code of your web app and paste it into your website. Appizy is compatible with tools you know and love like :

And a lot of other website creators. You can also use it for your hand made website. There are no limits!

Native mobile application

A native application is installed and runs on a smartphone. It can be quite complex and expensive to create an app yourself because you need to code differently for iOS and Android. Hopefully there are tools to help developers to share code lines between the two platforms. Nevertheless, you would still have to code!

Hopefully in the last years, a lot of app builders have appeared on the Internet. These tools are really powerful and within a few clicks you can create a mobile application and push it to the App Store and Google Play without knowing how to write a single line of code.

Without any knowledge of writing code, you can turn an Excel file into a mobile application. As seen in the previous part of this article, Appizy generates web apps out of spreadsheets. If you take the code written by Appizy and upload it into the app builder of your choice, you will get a mobile application that includes your Excel tool.

So far we have tested and recommend the following mobile app builder:

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are in-between apps. They are developed in the same language as Web App (HTML, CSS, JS) but they can have additional features normally reserved to native applications (for instance working offline). Initially launched by Google, PWA is slowly getting popular and more supported on iOS devices.

PWAs are worth being looked at. First, they don’t need to be published on any application Store to get available and installed on a smartphone. And second, they are written in the same language as Web App.

Once again, a PWA app builder can help you in this process if you do not want to write lines of code. So far we have tested and recommend the following PWA builder:

Excel to any kind of Apps

To summarise, Appizy is the starting point to transform an Excel file into a web language. Then you can use the technology of your choice to create a website or a mobile oriented app. The choice is yours!

Appizy converter comes with a lot of sample spreadsheets that you can convert and download for free. Use them to test the creation of your next app.

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