Trouble shooting guide

These are the common errors and warning raised during your spreadsheet webification. They do not block the conversion process. However, they can result in a mal-functioning application. We highly recommend you to solve them to avoid unexpected calculations.

Cell range is too large

This happens when the spreadsheet contains the column shortcut =SUM(D:D) or very large range =SUM(D2:D34091).

How to solve it?

Limit the cell range in the formula to only necessary cells.

Exponentiation operator

To calculate “Cell A1 to the power of A2” in Excel you might write the function =A1^A2. This works perfectly in a spreadsheet file but in JavaScript the exponentiation operator is not compatible with IE11. You can read more about it on this page.

How to solve it?

Use the POWER function instead of the ^ notation. In our example, the formula becomes =POWER(A1, A2).

Missing formula parameter

Spreadsheet software are more permissive than Javascript. For example =SUM(A1,,A2) is valid in Excel but will not work once converted because the second parameter is missing. Be sure to always all function parameters.

Some common issues:

  • in =IF(A1>2,1,): the false argument is missing after the last “,”
  • in =OR(A1,A2,,A4): the third argument of the function is missing.

How to solve it?

Remove unnecessary arguments. The formula should never contain ,) or ,, or (,.

Unknown formula element

While reading the spreadsheet file Appizy found an unknown element. In most of the case, this is function not yet supported by Appizy.

How to solve it?

The easiest is to contact us. We are happy to help you!

Conversion timed out

This generally happens when converting a large file (> 1Mb).

How to solve it?

We give you a few tips on how to deal with large file on this page.