Error and warning trouble shooting

These are the common errors and warning raised during your spreadsheet webification.

They do not block the conversion process. However they can result in a mal-functioning application. It is highly recommended to solve them to avoid unexpected calculations.

Err.1 - MS Excel formula format not supported

This usually happens for OpenDocument exported from Excel. Old versions of Microsoft software format the function in a way not supported by Appizy algorithm.

How to solve it?

The global idea is to change the format of function in the ODS file. You have more than one possibility:

  1. Simply re-open the your ODS file with OpenOffice or LibreOffice and re-save it.

  2. Or, open the Excel file with OpenOffice or LibreOffice and then save it to ODS format. This way the formulas are perfectly working after conversion.

Err.2 - Non existing cell

This error is raised when Appizy search for a cell that does not exists.

To avoid overloading the web-application with empty cells, Appizy tries to remove useless cells during the parsing process. This might result in one of your formulas using an input cell skipped during the parsing process.

How to solve it?

Here are a few tips to avoid this error:

  • Check if your formulas do not integrate empty cells. This mainly happens with formula using ranges of cells (for example: SUM(A1:A200) with the lines 180 till 200 being empty).

  • Do not leave an input cell empty. It is better to fill it with a default value.

Err.3 - Use POWER function

To calculate “Cell A1 to the power of A2” in Excel you might write the function =A1^A2. This works perfectly in a spreadsheet file but does not in Javascript (the language of your future web application).

How to solve it?

Use the POWER function instead of the ^ notation. In our example, the formula becomes =POWER(A1, A2).

Err.4 - Unknown formula element

While reading the spreadsheet file Appizy found an unknown element. In most of the case, this is function not yet supported by Appizy.

How to solve it?

Have a look a the “Supported function” section. If the function is not in it you can drop an email to the Appizy team to ask for a feature update.

If you do not understand why is Appizy raising this error, do not hesitate to contact us!