Host and embed

IFrame setup

It’s recommended to use an iframe tag to add your calculator to the website of your choice. It works just as a YouTube video.


For WordPress users we recommend you to host the application with the method of your choice (self hosting, Dropbox, Github Pages…) and then use an iframe to integrate your application.


If you are building your site with Wix you can use the iframe method or follow this article to add your HTML application onto your website:

Advanced integration

The web-calculator is self contained in one HTML file. It contains all your application needs to run:

  • HTML markup
  • CSS for the style
  • Javascript to perform calculations
  • Javascript library dependencies

You can directly copy/paste the source code of Appizy into your page. In this case your website code and the calculator are leaving in the same environment. This way you can benefit from your already existing stylesheet. Thus you might want to remove some of the code generated by Appizy.