Getting started

What is Appizy?

Appizy is an online converter for spreadsheet. It transforms your Desktop tool into a web application. Everything happens online. You do not need to install any software on your computer or create an account.

After conversion you will be able to download the web page containing all the code of your dynamic web-application.

Basic principles

In the table bellow are summarized the rules used by Appizy while converting a spreadsheet into a web-application.

#SpreadsheetWeb application
1Cell containing a formula

Non-editable field containing the formula result.


  • formulas are not editable by the user of your web-application.
  • formulas are written in Javascript. This might cause a slight calculation variations.
2Cell being a formula inputRegular input field. Calculation are performed each time a value is modified.
3Other cellsNormal static table cell, reproducing the content.

General approach

  • Top-bottom display: think about the application in a web browser. People like to scroll in the vertical direction: top to bottom. Organize your calculator elements accordingly.

  • Avoid background color: highlight cells using background color or borders. Let the background of your tabs. Later the background of the website where the calculator is embedded will apply.

  • Hide the data: having a large data set (example: for a VLOOKUP function)? Move the data into a separate tab and hide it. This way Appizy does not render as a visual element: it can reduce the size of your web-application by a factor 10 and speeds up dramatically the calculation.

Starting from Number

  • Start by converting your file to OpenDocument. We recommend CloudConvert

  • Download an OpenDocument Editor: LibreOffice or OpenOffice. This is especially true if you want to have a fine control on the end graphical result.