Military alphabets flashcard

Learn or refresh you knowledge on morse code and NATO phonetic alphabet using this deck of flashcards. Press the NEXT CARD button to draw a new card. Discover bellow how to build your own personalized flashcard deck with an Excel spreadsheet and the use of Appizy.

Flashcard deck

Flashcard is a method to accelerate the learning process. Compared to physical cards our e-deck has 3 faces: one with the alphanumeric values (A to Z and 0 to 9), one with the NATO phonetic version (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie) and finally a third face with the morse code associated to the character. Happy learning!

NATO phonetic

The NATO phonetic alphabet is the most widely used radiotelephone spelling alphabet. Each of the 26 character of the alphabet are associated with a code word: for example A is Alpha.

Morse code

Morse code is a way to encode alphabetic and numeric characters into a sequence of two different durations called dots and dashes.

How to create flashcards with Excel?

This memory deck was created with an Excel spreadsheet and converted into a flashcards with Appizy. You can find the file “Military alphabet flashcard” file in the ample page of Appizy converter.

Spreadsheet construction

The spreadsheet has 4 tabs: one for each side of the card and a last one for all the data. Note: this data tab is hidden in the sample file. To do so, right click on the tabs in Excel and choose “Unhide” to show the missing tab.

We make use of the RANDBETWEEN function to pick an integer between 1 and the length of the table of data. By using INDEX in each tab, we retrieve the character, morse code or phonetic associated to the integer.

Conversion settings

In Appizy we choose the following conversion settings:

Content & Layout > App layout: Fluid (requires PRO or PLUS), so our app will fit the parent content.

Integration > Toolbar > Calculate button (requires PRO or PLUS). This will add a Calculate button bellow our web application. Every time the end user clicks on it, a new integer is randomly drawn and the content of the cards is updated.

Package > Split files (optional, requires PLUS). We take advantage of split files (HTML, CSS and Javascript) for an easy integration in our website.

Website integration

After Appizy conversion, 90% of the development work is done. The Calculate button is manually renamed to NEXT CARD and we add a few CSS classes to fit our theme based on Bootstrap. That is it! No more excuse to not learn morse code now…