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How to build a calorie widget with Excel?

The calorie widget is developed in an Excel spreadsheet and then converted into a web application using Appizy. Here are the steps. You can find the file “Meal calculator” file in the Sample page of Appizy converter.

Spreadsheet construction

In this calorie calculator we use Data Validity of the cells. This creates a dropdown selection that Appizy will convert as a dropdown menu in the final web calculator.

We also manage data in a separate hidden tab.

Conversion tips

By default Appizy will convert Data validation into a dropdown list with an extra blank choice at the top. This simulates an empty cell. If you want to remove this extra blank choice you need to uncheck the “ignore blank” in the Data Validation dialog of Excel.

Data validation settings to remove extra blank option in dropdown.

Conversion settings

In Appizy we choose the following conversion settings:

Content & Layout > App layout: Fluid (requires PRO or PLUS), so our app will fit the parent content.

Content & Layout > Tabs > None (requires PRO or PLUS), as our app has only one tab, there is no need to keep the upper navigation.

Package > Split files (optional, requires PLUS). We take advantage of split files (HTML, CSS and Javascript) for an easy integration in our website.