Examples and templates

Discover how Appizy transforms a spreadsheet into a web-calculator while converting one of the following examples.

Appizy is by heart a learn-by-doing project. We invite you to follow this spirit and discover the magic of our software. Start by downloading one the ODS file provided bellow, and open it with your preferred OpenDocument editor. Now convert the ODS file with Appizy. Can you spot the differences? What happened to cells containing a formula?

All templates are free to be reused, edited, extended. Have fun!

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In this calories calculator we use data validation of LibreOffice. This creates a dropdown selection that Appizy will convert as a dropdown menu in the final web calculator.

We also manage data in a separate hidden tab.

Features: Dropdown menu | Hidden tab

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Startup capital estimate based on one time and monthly costs.

Features: Conditions | Currency format | Sum

Download spreadsheet | Test the web-app

Budget planner

Features: Cells formating | Sum