Get started

Getting started

Appizy conversion principles and how to master them.

Conversion settings: from spreadsheet to HTML

Discover the settings used to personalize how Appizy transforms a spreadsheet into an interactive HTML app.

Spreadsheet best practices for great apps

Build your spreadsheets in order to create beautiful and fast web apps with a great user experience. We share with you some best practices.

Host and embed

Integrate your calculator into the website of your choice (Wix, WordPress, …)

Advanced usage

Functions & formulas

Appizy supports most of Excel and OpenDocument spreadsheet formula using the Formula.js library.

Application security

Understand the vulnerabilities of client-side web app and how to enhance security of business-critical functions and data.

Chart conversion

Appizy supports chart conversion. It uses the library Chart.js to recreate spreadsheet graphs.

Date and time

Advices about date and time in your spreadsheet to be compatible with JavaScript after conversion with Appizy.



Quickly get a project started with spreadsheet templates exploring Appizy common features.

Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting guide

Common errors and warning and how to solve them.

Fix calculation

Frequent issues about web app calculations.

Fix app display

Frequent issues about web app display and layout.


Frequently asked questions about spreadsheet conversion