Release notes - April 2020

Conversion engine

New functions support: EXP

Converter UI

Conversion settings to reflects the conversion engine evolutions:

New sample: NATO phonetic alphabet Flashcards. Perfect starter sample for creating memory flashcards out of Excel spreadsheet using the function INDEX and RANDBETWEEN. To pick randomly a card use the setting Integration > Toolbar > Calculate button (PRO & PLUS plan). This application will draw a new card every time you click on the button. Following the best practices. All data are stored into an hidden tag.

Contact the support: we made some minor change to the contact form of the converter. As we value the privacy of the file uploaded on our server, we now ask the permission to inspect the file you have trouble with. This permission is only granted for technical support and for the time of the resolution.

We do not keep any copy of your spreadsheet. Everything is deleted from our server after 48 hours. Unless you ask the support to have a look.