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Release notes - May 2023

Converter interface

🀬 Error handling

Sometimes things go wrong while converting your file. We improve the error detection to give you insightful information about what went wrong. We also offer the possibility to report the error directly to our team. You will get a human feedback within 2 open days.

Conversion engine

πŸ”— Internal links

Navigate between the tabs of your application with internal links created originally in Excel or Libre/OpenOffice.

πŸ“¦ jQuery dependency removal

So far all applications created with Appizy used jQuery. Mainly for compatibility reasons with IE11. We decided it was time to move on and embrace modernity! We refactored the code base to remove this dependency making your apps lighter and faster to start. Enjoy!

Release notes - March 2023

Converter interface

πŸ”— User account linking

Appizy now supports the linking of user accounts from various identity providers. This allows you to authenticate with password & login method or Google login and still be associated with the same user profile with subscription and preferences.

πŸ“‘ Subscription status

We are working hard to improve the user experience around subscription management and user preferences. First step: display more update to date and useful information in the subscription status. More upcoming changes in April!

Release notes - March 2021

Conversion engine

πŸ“Š Charts improvements

  • Stacked series
  • Mixed: possibility to combine line and bar series
  • Area (= filled line) series, supporting also background opacity
  • Multiple Y-Axis

✍️ Font family setting

Choose the font family of your web-app between Arial (default), Lato, Montserrat, Open Sans, Recursive and Robot. All are served using Google Fonts.

Converter interface

Font family setting in “Content & Layout” panel, accessible with the sample apps or a PRO subscription.

Add some warning in case of the original spreadsheet contains ISBLANK or IFERROR.

Release notes - February 2021

Conversion engine

  • Speed up conversion process for files having lots (+1000) of formulas,
  • Ability to add a “Print” button for the current active tab.

Converter interface

  • New setting: Integration > Toolbar > Print button

WordPress plugin

  • New setting in the shortcode generator: ability to add a “Print” button to the widget toolbar.

Release notes - January 2021


Bonjour Appizy!

We are very happy to release the French version of Appizy website. Most of the crucial contents is already here: documentation, pricing, feature descriptions. We are still working hard to complete the translation of the blog articles, and the integration pages.

Conversion engine

  • New currency: IDR or Indonesian rupiah.
  • Update default app CSS to improve the integration with our WordPress plugin.
  • Add Normalize.css to all application for a uniform rendering between all web browsers.

Release notes - April 2020

Conversion engine

New functions support: EXP

Converter UI

Conversion settings to reflects the conversion engine evolutions:

  • Clear zero inputs checkbox
  • Backend application in the Package panel

New sample: NATO phonetic alphabet Flashcards. Perfect starter sample for creating memory flashcards out of Excel spreadsheet using the function INDEX and RANDBETWEEN. To pick randomly a card use the setting Integration > Toolbar > Calculate button (PRO & PLUS plan). This application will draw a new card every time you click on the button. Following the best practices. All data are stored into an hidden tag.

Contact the support: we made some minor change to the contact form of the converter. As we value the privacy of the file uploaded on our server, we now ask the permission to inspect the file you have trouble with. This permission is only granted for technical support and for the time of the resolution.

We do not keep any copy of your spreadsheet. Everything is deleted from our server after 48 hours. Unless you ask the support to have a look.

Release notes - March 2020

Conversion engine

Appizy now support date and time inputs and also related functions (like YEAR, DAY, MONTH, WEEKNUM). The date input has a placeholder indicating the correct format. For a better user experience we advise keeping the input format simple (YYYY/MM/DD).

The web application make use of Moment.js to format and parse the input.

In March we launched the Formula.js community build library. All the applications are now running with the latest version this library. Feel free to join the community on Github.

New functions support: COUNTA, INDEX, MATCH, YEAR, DAY, MONTH, WEEKNUM and much more.

Converter UI

In the converter, the preview has now 2 tabs:

  • “Preview”: where you can preview your application after conversion
  • “Errors”: this new tabs contains precious information about how the conversion process went. You need to solve them in order to have a good functioning app. In case you can not identify the issue correctly you can contact Appizy support.


GoodBarber integration: learn how to create a mobile application starting from your Excel spreadsheet.

Release notes -February 2020

Conversion engine

New conversion settings:

  • Align application: choose how to align the content of your app in the page. Default is set to LEFT.

Converter UI

To improve the quality and the security of the service provided we will update the converter access.

For Appizy current customers, instead of directly logging in with your Licence ID, you will be prompted to create an account. Once done, in your profile page you will be able to add your Licence ID to your account. Your licence will be valid according to the terms of use: BASIC 3 months, PRO 6 months, PLUS 12 months after the purchase date.

If you have any question about your orders and subscription. Do no hesitate to contact us.

Release notes - December 2019

Conversion engine

  • Integration - Toolbar » Calculate button: when activated the application will not refresh automatically after an input changed (like in Excel). The user has to click on “Calculate” bellow the app to trigger the update process,
  • Add support to CHF, DKK and INR currencies,
  • Add a READ ME file to the downloaded package with useful information about the generated web app.

Converter UI

  • New sample spreadsheets: Magic Eight Ball and Body Mass Indicator,
  • Integrate new conversion engine features.

Release notes - December 2019

Conversion engine

  • Package - Split file: Appizy can now generates application with code split in different files: one for the HTML, one for the CSS, and one for the JavaScript. This allow developer to work faster with the generated code if they want to merge it code into another large application.
  • Package - Download vendor libraries: if activated, the final package of the app will contain all vendor libraries (jQuery, formulaJs, …). This again allow developers to have a better control of their application for further use.
  • Add support to ZAR (South Africa) currency,

Converter UI

  • Adding a new panel for the Packages feature. Only for PLUS plan.
  • Integrate new features
  • Fix: allow visitor to download the code in case of apps generated with sample files.

Upcoming videos and blog articles are planned to explain in details the new features.