User story: Babis

Today we are meeting Babis, manager of a small company specialized in finance and insurance based in Greece. He wanted to create a tool to estimate Greek pension schemes, based on an Excel spreadsheet.

Main dashboard of the application

Not only did Appizy respond to his needs, allowing him to keep and host his calculation application in “SaaS” format, but also “the price was reasonable, and the app had the load/save functionality I wanted”. A few tests later, Babis was able to convert his calculation file and integrate it into his website.

One the input tabs

Babis confirmed that he took advantage of the 30-day trial period offered by Appizy to test the different conversion settings. This allowed him to find the most suitable settings for his use: “I made some test files myself to understand the basic functionality and correct bugs”.

What is his impression of using Appizy?

His overall impression of the converter is that it is simple to use. Furthermore, it is very fast and reliable. So even without being an expert in Excel or computer development, Babis was able to create a powerful application.

In addition, he did some research and testing on his own to improve the presentation of his application by editing directly in the CSS code generated by Appizy.

What features does he like the most?

Babis’ most appreciated feature is the “Load/Save” function for his application. This allows the end-user to save their data and download it in a later session. The ability to hide tabs so that they don’t appear to end-users - but still allow the spreadsheet formulas to run - is a real plus.


The final word? Babis’ tests allowed him to discover the full potential of Appizy “When I started using Appizy I realized its great potential. I could easily use the platform for my other projects, besides my main SaaS app”.

As of today, Babis is a regular user of Appizy: “Appizy is a great choice”. He also has several suggestions for the development team for new features. “We are happy to have users like Babis, who challenge our product and push us to go further. We have already added the Print button functionality and we want to offer options for better CSS rendering of applications in the coming months. Thanks again.” - Nicolas, developer at Appizy.

Check Babis’ application on this page.