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Appizy is the fastest way to turn spreadsheet tools into interactive, reusable, easy to share web applications.

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Convert your spreadsheet into a web-calculator that can be shared and reused on your website. No pre-requisite beside your document.

Easy setup

Download the web-application generated by Appizy. Everything is enclosed in one single HTML file. It is dynamic, cross-OS, cross-browsers and mobile compatible.

Editable after conversion

Web-calculator are written in plain HTML, CSS and Javascript. Appizy generates clean and friendly code which makes it easy to edit with the text editor of your choice.

Appizy integration

Connect your app with tools you love: build a website, collect data, create native mobile apps, and much more.

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Build an audience

Become a reference in your field. Develop your website interactivity, and returning visitors with value-added calculators.

Unbox your knowledge

Free your tools from your desktop computer and make them available to colleagues, providers or clients. Build with Excel then share using Appizy converter.

One place for all

Stop losing momentum with spreadsheets attached to emails. Access your web tools anywhere and anytime from your computer, mobile or tablet.

Last news

Create dependant drop downs

Using data validation in Excel, it is possible to create a drop-down selection into your web application. Appizy now manages dynamic drop-down, which means the options are updated every calculation cycle. This is very handy to create cascading (dependant) selectors in your web-app.

Save button supports naming cell

Appizy can generate a web-app application with Save and Load buttons. These buttons allow the end-user of the calculator to save the current data in the application locally and re-upload it later.

What they say about Appizy

Their support is absolutely the best! They always manage to solve (my) problem super fast and even take time to help me make better formulas in Excel. Keep up the good work. You're all life savers :-) !

- Miró

I have made a few quite complicated apps for my website using Appizy’s spreadsheet converter and they work very well, and surprising quickly considering the size of the spreadsheets.

- Oliver