How does this work?

Appizy makes web-calculator development faster and easier. It's made for folks of all skill levels.

Appizy converts your spreadsheet into a web-calculator that you can share and reuse on Internet. Appizy supports Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) files.

Standalone web-application

Download the HTML, CSS and JavaScript web application generated by Appizy. It is dynamic, cross-OS, cross-browsers and mobile compatible.

Easy to edit

Appizy loves HTML, Javascript and CSS. Just like you. Let's keep things simple. Appizy provides friendly clean code you can edit afterward.

Appizy converter

1. Select files

*.ods spreadsheet

2. Conversion

Choose an OpenDocument (.ods) spreadsheet on your computer or download one of the application templates.

If you are using Excel or Number, first convert your file to OpenDocument using CloudConvert

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